Will Ackerman Says:

“Ronnda Cadle’s music offers purity that is breath-taking. The sincerity of her expression leaves no room for anything but the essential.

Though a very accomplished guitarist, there is an innocence to her music in which beauty, grace and open emotion are un-obscured by ego and unencumbered by gratuitous flourish. When you listen to Ronnda Cadle you believe her unconditionally.”

—Will Ackerman
Windham County, VT



About Will Ackerman

Will Ackerman is the founder of Windham Hill Records, which, partnered with A&M Records and RCA launched a label of instrumental music in unparalleled success and created a new genre of music in the process. Ackerman is a Grammy Award winner and the recipient of Gold and Platinum Records in the US and overseas. Ackerman's label and production were responsible for establishing the careers of such ground-breaking artists as George Winston, Michael Hedges, Shadowfax and Liz Story among many others.


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